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Blended rosé with majority Pinot Noir, between 14 and 18 %
Chardonnay and between 8 and 12 % Coteaux Champenois.

Good mousse, clear, attractive intense pink colour. Charm combines with freshness to create this flavourful blend of fresh fruits, cherry, morello cherry, strawberry and raspberry combined with aromas of white fruits, like white peach and pear.

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  • Average age of vines

    30 years

  • Terroir

    Aube, the southern-most region
    of Champagne.

  • Soil and sub-soil

    Calcareous clay

  • Altitude

    between 250 m and 320 m

  • Climate

    Continental with oceanic influence

  • Plantation density

    8650 plants/ha

  • Yield

    approximately 10,500 kg/ha or 62 Hl/ha

  • Vine cultivation

    vines cultivated using integrated viticultural methods and rationalised plant-health treatments, hand trellising and regular ploughing which allows our family-run estate to obtain level 3 certification "HEV" (High Environmental Value) from the Grenelle Environment Forum.


  • Pressing of the harvest in whole bunches by pneumatic presses.

  • Alcohol and malolactic fermentation in heat-regulated stainless steel tanks.

  • The pink color is obtained by blending "Coteaux Champenois" (between 8 and 12%).

  • Wine blended with several harvest years.

  • Ageing minimum 24 months on racks after bottling.

  • Dosage on disgorging 9g/l.

  • Bottles sold after 12 weeks of disgorging.

  • Serve chilled but not iced i.e. 7°c.

  • Available in half-bottles and bottles. Crates of 6 bottles.